Alex Saefullah, MD, PM&R

Chairman of Committee

Welcome Dear Colleagues,

The COVID-19 pandemic for 2 years is not yet known when it will end. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) specialist plays a role in the course of this viral disease, from hospitalization, recovery period at home to the treatment of Long COVID syndrome. And also plays a role in preventing this viral infection, we called therapeutic exercise to increase body immunity.

Along with technological advances and increasing number of human resources in Indonesia, the government is optimistic that it will reach the golden generation in 2045. In PM&R scope will improve  knowledge in line with the development of medical technology, as well as in providing scientific contributions to society, including in terms of improving lifespan and form a healthy community lifestyle in an effort to prevent various diseases.

Therefore, we are inviting all of you to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Association (PIT XXII PERDOSRI) that will be held on October, 19th – 23th, 2022. We will learn and strengthen basics sciences and professionalism to more develop at the future. To be proficient in basic science focusing on patients functional capacity and support clinical knowledge would be the key towards successful the phases of rehabilitation. Through this way the PM&R knowledge in continuum care of patient could be preserved which happened to be in conjunction with the current theme: “Perspectives Toward 2045 : Role of Therapeutic Exercise in Improving Health for Optimal Quality of Life”

We are looking forward to meet all of you in virtual congress, please contact us for any queries  We thank you for all of your contribution and support towards the our meeting.


Kind regards,


Alex Saefullah, MD, PM&R



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